Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weather at Your School

We had an exciting day a couple of weeks ago when meteorologist Mallory Brooke, from Channel 8, came to our school early on a Tuesday morning for the Weather at Your School program. And when I say early, I mean 4:30 am early! (No, we weren't there at that time, but when I got up at 4:30, I turned on my t.v. and saw her already broadcasting, outside of Skillin!)

Students were invited to come between 6:00 am and 7:00 to help out with the Bus Stop forecasts, and several hardy souls made the effort and came before the sun was even up!
 Mallory and cameraman Frank came into the school to give a weather presentation at 9:15.
We learned how Mallory uses the maps from the National Weather Service to forecast the weather up to a week ahead of time. The different colors mean different intensities of precipitation. We were glad to see rain forecast for later in the week, since southern Maine is having a drought.
Gavin got to ask a question on-camera for evening meteorologist Roger Griswold. He did an awesome job!

We were so happy to be chosen for the Weather at Your School program. It ties in perfectly with our science focus of Weather and Water, and we now understand a lot more about Mallory's job. She first decided on this career when she was only in 4h grade herself, and based on student comments I heard after she left, I think Mallory has inspired a few future meteorologists herself!