Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Advice For President Trump

Last Friday, we watched one of our country's most important traditions- the peaceful transition of power. This election, more than any I can remember, was full of strong opinions for and against each of the candidates. Some people were happy with the outcome, while others were disappointed. Regardless of how you feel about him, on Friday, January 20, at about noon, Donald J. Trump became our 45th President. We watched him take the oath of office, (although when I told the kids we would be watching the swearing-in ceremony, one student asked incredulously, "They're going to be swearing at the ceremony?!"

It was powerful to see the thousands of people gathered in Washington for this important ritual. Students were very interested in what was happening, and asked lots of questions. It was a great learning experience. I asked them what advice they would give to President Trump. Their answers are below.

Kid President also has some timely advice...on how to disagree. Maybe President Trump and the politicians in Washington should watch!