Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Multicultural Day

Would you believe that right here at Skillin School in South Portland, Maine, we have over 30 countries represented? This means that either the students themselves were born in other countries, or one or both parents were. We learned a bit more about some of these countries recently, thanks to Mrs. Holland, our ELL teacher.

We had guest speakers from other countries ranging from elementary school students,  middle school students, college students, and parents. We learned about other countries' geography, customs, and culture. Gatthuk Pan, a USM student from South Sudan told us about coming to the U.S. thirteen years ago from a refugee camp.

Angely, from Mrs. Clark's class, along with her brother Luis, from Mrs. Blaisdell's class, demonstrate a traditional Peruvian dance while their little sister looks on.

At the end, the whole school went into the gym for a flag parade. Just in our classroom alone, we have 13 countries represented! They are Bulgaria, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Sudan, Egypt, Croatia, Cambodia, Uganda, The Bahamas, Peru,
The Phillipines, and The U.S.A.

As they say at Disney World, "It's a Small World After All!"

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