Friday, October 4, 2013

Lost on a Mountain in Maine

Our first read-aloud every year in 4th grade is always Lost on a Mountain in Maine. Parents, if you grew up in Maine, you may remember this book. It is the story of a twelve year old boy, Donn Fendler, who was hiking Mt. Katahdin with his father and brother, when he got separated in a storm and was lost for 9 days. It was national news at the time in 1939, and now 74 years later, it still fascinates us.

Since then, Donn Fendler has traveled the state, speaking to school children. However, now that he is in his mid-eighties, he does not travel much.

A few years ago, however, he did collaborate on a graphic novel version of his book, called Lost Trail. It has been a popular read in our classroom!

I am so excited to learn that a feature film has been made of Lost on a Mountain in Maine! Check out the trailer...

Not sure when or where it will be released, but once it's available on DVD, we will definitely get a copy of this inspirational story of courage and perseverance!


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  2. Silvio really enjoyed this story and we loved hearing about it. -the Morales family