Sunday, October 16, 2011

A World of Water

We have begun our year-long study of water. So far, we have learned about the forms that water can take, (solid, liquid, and gas). We also learned about the water cycle. Last week Katrina, from Portland Water District, came for the first of what will be monthly visits to teach hands-on science lessons.

Here is a peek at our first lesson!

During the globe activity Katrina tossed the globe to each person. We recorded whether our thumbs landed on land or water.

Lauren tallied the results. We had lots more water than land, which makes sense, since 70% of the Earth is covered by water.

We imagined that all the Earth's water could fit into a gallon jug.

Only about 1 tsp of that gallon represents fresh water that is above ground and not frozen in glaciers. It was a good reminder that we should not waste water, because,
"All the water there is, is all the water there is!"

The last activity was called, "The Incredible Journey".

Students pretended to be drops of water traveling through the water cycle.

There were stations around the room, such as ocean, river, lake, atmosphere, groundwater, plants, animals, and glacier.

You put on a different colored bead everytime you went to a station.

Then you rolled the dice to see if you stayed there or moved to another part of the water cycle.


 When we finished, everyone wanted to share their water cycle story!

As you can see by all of Sydney's orange beads, her water drop got stuck in the groundwater for a long time!

I hope your child shared his/her water cycle story with you!

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