Sunday, April 1, 2012

Maine Statehood Day!

March 15 was Maine Statehood Day. It has been 192 years since Maine became a state in 1820. To honor the day, we had a special snack of Maine foods. This plate shows just a sample. We had B&M Baked beans, brown bread, blueberry muffins, potato chips, pretzel  logs, Swedish Fish, and apple cider.

Dahliya shows us what may be the world's largest potato chip!

Of course, we had to try Maine's own soft drink...Moxie!

As you can see from the almost empty bottle, it was a hit!

For the non-fizz fans, we had a choice of apple juice or apple cider.

We played two games. In the first one, students took turns trying to guess what the picture on their back was by asking yes or no questions. In keeping with the Maine theme, the pictures were a variety of Maine people, places, animals, or plants. We were having so much fun playing that I forgot to take a picture!

The second game, Pin the Tail on the Moose, provided us with lots of laughs. 

Brenden shows us how it's done!

Looks like everyone was pretty close...

...until you look around at the big picture.

Thank-you families for sending in food, drinks, and paper goods! We had an awesome time!

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