Monday, April 23, 2012

Testing the Waters

Since January, we have been raising brook trout. They arrived in the eyed egg stage, hatched into alevin with their yolk sacs, and are now turning into fry, which is when they must be released, because they need to find their own food.

We are excited because this year, we will be releasing our fry right in South Portland, in the aptly-named Trout Brook. Before we do that, however, we need to make sure that Trout Brook is a suitable environment for our trout.

Later this week, we will visit Trout Brook to do some water quality testing. We will test temperature, dissolved oxygen, ph level, and turbidity. We will also look to see what macroinvertebrates are living there, as they can tell us a lot about the quality of the water. Watch this video to learn more!

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